Elevate your portrait photography skills

Learn creative techniques to master lighting setups, become a great photographer, and shoot breathtaking portraits.

Are you feeling exhausted from capturing portraits that are flat and uninspiring?

Embrace your artistic side,

No technical expertise required!

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Master lighting with ease. Refine your portrait photography skills, focusing on visual evaluation and simple strategies to produce stunning results, time after time.

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After completing this course, you'll...

Do you experience any of these?

After this course, You'll showcase stunning photographs, a testament to your invested skills - lighting portraits.

You're probably curious why the lighting tricks you've tried haven't delivered fabulous portraits.

Do you find yourself lacking ability or inspiration when deciding how to light a portrait?

Does the process leave you frustrated enough to avoid shooting portraits?

When you search online for help it just makes you feel more confused.

It’s not your camera and probably not your lights either. Some so-called experts encourage you to buy a new camera so you can capture better, photographs but that’s rarely true.

Instead of focusing on new kit, the real issue is more likely to be a lack of understanding how to use light effectively.

Just knowing how to best use the equipment that you already own will transform your portraits.

Before worrying about getting more lenses or a new camera, it’s important to learn the basics of light and how to control it – this will make a HUGE difference.

By understanding what you are trying to achieve with light, you can take your portraiture to the next level. You’ll be able to create portraits that are truly eye-catching and leave people impressed.

What you need most is a creative vision combined with practical ability.

Master the art of lighting to upgrade your portrait photography.

Discover the nuances of light to reignite your passion and propel you into the ranks of elite portrait artists.

With a core understanding of lighting at your fingertips, your photography will stand out from the crowd.

Let’s recognize how important lighting and exposure are in unlocking stunning portraits.

Understanding the mechanisms behind these elements allows photographers to transcend equipment limitations and elevate portraits into works of art.

Rekindle your passion to become a top echelon portrait photographer.

Learning about the basics of lighting will help you create your unique portrait style.

With a straightforward process, in just 4 weeks, you’ll gain all the knowledge needed to make your portraits breathtaking.

The skill of crafting and utilising wonderful light will become an invaluable asset and be with you for a lifetime. 

This is the key to capturing pictures with the wow factor.


Portrait Lighting Mastery: 

Your complete guide to creating stunning portraits

Master the art of photography – all you need to know about lighting and shooting portraits. 

In this course, you'll learn everything

about portrait lighting in a simple and hands-on way.

I’ll teach you all the technical knowledge, creative expression, and real-world application.

Boost your photography confidence and craft your unique lighting style.

Communicate effectively with the people you are photographing.

Save money on wasted unnecessary purchases.

Craft striking portraits with captivating lighting and break free from the ordinary.

Approach each shoot with inspiration and renewed enthusiasm.

Know how to read a face to determine the best lighting direction and style.

Develop a foundation of core lighting knowledge and communication skills to work with.

Worried you’ll get found out?

Leave behind worries of being exposed and embrace the artistic side of photography.

Bid farewell to lighting guesswork and welcome to consistently stunning portraits.

Infuse fun into your portrait photography journey.

Is this course right for you?

Business Owners – This course will elevate your core photography skills, enhancing your brand to attract more customers. With a renewed sense of confidence and creativity, portrait photographers will shoot more photographs that clients will want to buy, dramatically improving your profitability.

Social Photographers – Become empowered to produce stunning portraits and elevate your craft skills to the next level.  Enhance your portrait photography skills with a focus on simple yet effective creative lighting.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs – This is a hands-on opportunity to learn about portrait lighting techniques. Offering you the chance to hone your photography skills and produce impressive portraits time and again.

Creative People – Learn how to take beautiful portraits.  As your skills improve you will develop a complete understanding of essential portrait lighting.

Here’s what’s inside the Portrait Lighting Mastery course

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Portrait posing guide - pdf ($12)
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Unlock a Year of Portrait Lighting Mastery


One-year subscription
*can be renewed annually

  • Portraits – eBook ($32)
  • Lumen – video ($44)

Secure Lifetime Access for Unlimited Learning and Growth


Lifetime access

  • Portraits eBook ($32)
  • Lumen – video ($44)
  • Simply Boudoir – video ($25)
  • Hollywood Portraits Remastered – video ($25)

Get lifetime access to the Portrait Lighting Mastery course for just $124, a 50% discount from the regular price of $248.

Experience a surge of confidence and renewed pride in your photography with the Portrait Lighting Mastery course.

If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason with this course, I’ll refund your fees in FULL. 

You can enroll risk-FREE.


Damien is not only the master of light but also the master of teaching.

I enrolled in this Portrait Lighting Mastery course in the founder's round as he promised to cover all aspects of lighting and explain everything that he has learned about portrait lighting over the years. He ultimately achieves a sublime style of photography and a sense of humour that I’m so in love with!

– Luciana Rizzi

About Damien

Damien Lovegrove is celebrated as one of the world’s most influential contemporary photographers. He creates beautifully crafted portraits that grace publications globally.

With a prestigious 14-year career at the BBC as a cameraman and lighting director, Damien’s groundbreaking style has earned him numerous awards and adorned countless magazine covers. While initially renowned for his wedding photography, his distinctive portrait work has solidified his international reputation.

Beyond his mastery behind the lens, Damien is dedicated to sharing his expertise. With over 40 years of capturing life’s most intimate moments, he has contributed to 70 magazines, authored over 38,200 photography books, and amassed 74,000+ YouTube subscribers. 

Damien eagerly imparts his knowledge worldwide, ensuring the continued flourishing of photography under his guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts the moment you enroll and you can go at your own pace. The course content is initially released over 14 days so as not to overwhelm you from the start, but you are free to take as long as you want to finish the course. You can request to have full access from the start but remember the faster you learn, the faster you forget.

This is either a one-year subscription or lifetime access, depending on the option you choose. You can log back in at any point and join a Q&A Zoom session if you would like to discuss anything in more depth. You will have access to my school email address, and as a student, you will be able to ask me for advice at any time

This course is pretty much all new in concept. I have used 10 previous items within the 47 videos. The vast majority of the content is newly recorded and the scripts/ texts are newly written.

It is different from the previous videos and my eBook because it brings together all the knowledge and information into one coherent course. All my BTS videos will be published exclusively within this course.

If you are on the fence, my advice is to enroll and check out the content. There are 14 days of drip feed and once you have access to the complete course you will be able to determine the true value of the course to you. I have a 30-day full money-back guarantee so you can activate this if you are not completely satisfied.

You can do that for sure but you must understand that the majority of the content in this course is unique. I’ve not held anything back and you can email me anytime with questions that arise. You will also get access to a series of Zoom seminars where I answer student questions.

You can attend as many Zoom sessions as you like within your membership period. They are currently scheduled approximately every 5 to 6 weeks with a break in August. All the dates for 2024 and the login details are already published in the course curriculum.

There are times in all of our lives when restrictions on time or money prevent us from doing the things that we love. It is easier to find the time to watch the videos and take on the knowledge so when you can set up shoots again you will be starting from a far better place.

Yes, definitely! Let me explain.

Picking the right lighting kit might seem tricky. You might wonder: Should I use a flash or a continuous light? How powerful should the light be? And which accessories are best?

This class is here to help you feel confident about your choices.

You might already have some or even all of the gear that you need. We’ll figure out together what works best for you, so that you don’t waste money on stuff you don’t need.

Being able to create your own light opens up a world of possibilities that don’t exist using just the available light. When you use your lighting kit well, your pictures will look all the more fabulous for it.

With the right tools and new skills, you’ll gain the confidence to capture far more creative portraits.

A one-day workshop with me costs about $500, A multi-day adventure costs $5000 and I’m well aware that these prices are well out of the reach of a lot of photographers who want to learn my skills. This was one of the reasons I set about creating this masterwork containing all the knowledge and wisdom that I possess. I started by restricting the content to portraiture lighting but as you will know by now, I’ve expanded the curriculum into other related areas of photography. It doesn’t stop here though. I’ll be adding new content and updating older content from time to time too. There is also direct contact via email support with me. I don’t use ghostwriters or virtual PAs. I respond to all my emails personally. All things considered, I think the course pricing represents good value.

You will learn what you need to know now and be ready for the summer season. The earlier you learn how to use lights and to take beautiful portraits, the more fun you will have in life. You might only have a few valuable years left, so it’s important to become excellent at portrait photography as quickly as possible.

Once you have completed this course, that nagging fear of shooting portraits will be gone and a new level of confidence will empower your creativity. You’ll want to get out and shoot knowing that you have a greater skill level to utilize. You won’t be alone either. You can reach out to me for help and advice via email. When you are on a shoot you might find yourself asking the question “What would Damien do here?” and then wait for the inspiration to arrive.

I want you to be completely satisfied with this course. If for any reason you’re not delighted, I will give you a full refund, so you can enroll risk-free.

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